To make profitable returns on selling clothes online, you have to be persistent and apply consistent effort. You have to create a listing using as few words as possible, send items on time and use a trusted courier like ipostparcels. You need to create an eBay account, import your address, the recipient address and fill in the parcel info into booking form just to take eBay as an example.

But, what should you consider when selling clothes online?

Clothes condition

You need to look at the status of the clothes before you sell them online. Designer brand gives you an upper hand, but these brands need to be in good condition to sell. To set a price, you need to consider the initial price and the set price of other similar items by other sellers.


Research the prices of other similar clothes and how much they get sold at. Designer brands may have different set prices.

High-quality pictures

To attract high interest, your images must be tidy, well-lit and preferably the photo should be taken in daylight. If the pictures are to be taken in the evening, the color and products must be seen clearly. You can also pick a model, a mannequin or wear the clothes yourself and have someone else take pictures of you to present the clothes nicely. You can also use a hanger and take pictures.

Sufficient details

A great, optimized title will enable the search engines to pick it up. To avoid negative feedback, you must provide adequate details. You also have to give details on the brand of the clothes, whether the clothes are new or used and if the clothes are starting to wear away. The fabric information is also important; this is the fabric content, the feel, and color. The sizes of different brands vary, thus you need to use measurements to give size estimates.


A large space ensures neat packaging. To avoid creasing of the clothes you need to provide proper folding of clothes. Use a bubble wrap for complete protection and ensure clothes are delivered dry. Choose an appropriate courier and attach a shipping label with enough tape for the security of the item and water resistance. Great packaging ensures secure delivery, prevents damages and helps you receive excellent reviews.


Be sure to weigh your clothes since larger and heavier parcels cost more. You can pass on the cost to your customer as delivery cost, or you can incorporate shipping cost in the asking price and offer free delivery. A suitable box size is cost effective. Use the most cost-effective and safest means of sending clothes.


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