If you are looking for the place to sell your used clothes, then selling them online is the best place for you. There are plenty of websites where you can sell them. You can also donate those that you feel cannot be sold due to stains, small tears, or budget. These may be clothes that won’t be profitable enough to sell because selling them will be tricky.

Here are some of the places to sell them:

1. Tradesy

You can sell your clothes on tradesy, which is a popular clothing marketplace for name brands of items such as bags, accessories, clothing, and shoes.

On tradesy, you can create a listing based on the brand name and quality. You can upload pictures of your clothes, too. Every item listed on this platform is shipped for free.

When your item sells, you have an option to choose your payment method including PayPal, bank account or even debit card.

2. eBay

eBay is among the largest online marketplaces. Your first 100 listings on eBay are free each month and you can either sell each piece at a fixed rate or auction if you want to spark a bidding war. You are also required to pay for shipping costs.

Many sellers prefer eBay because of their relatively low commissions.

3. Instagram

Instagram is also another way social media is changing the way consumers shop online. On Instagram, shoppers do not buy your clothes directly, but, they can view pictures, visit your profile and exchange contact information.

This is a free platform to use and a great opportunity to expand your brand. You can get buyers all over the world.

4. Facebook

Facebook is also another social media platform you need to consider. This is the largest social media platform in the world. Using Facebook will help you target a large group of buyers. On Facebook, there are local buying and selling groups that you can join to get more buyers. You should also include quality photos and an ample description of the clothes you are selling.

It is possible to sell your old clothes or sell clothes that you don’t want in your closet. Most of the sites take care of the shipping for you when items sell. This makes it quicker and easier for you to sell your clothes.


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