There are many people who know that the Internet has a great potential for those interested in making money. Of course, they also know that making money over the Internet without a website is very difficult. There are many ways in which you can create a website, but the truth is that using an online store builder is the simplest one. Since there are dozens of online store builders out there, you should conduct research and stick to the ones that have a great record. In this article, we will highlight the 5 best online store builders today.

1. Volusion

In case you are interested in creating a visually attractive, flawless online store that will have a great design, then you should take Volusion into account. This eCommerce platform and online store builder comes with sophisticated inventory management tools that will help you keep your inventory stock intact. It also has a great alert system that helps online business owners avoid situations where they have items out of stock. Volusion also has SEO tools that will improve your online store ranking. Needless to say, this popular platform comes with tools designed for social media platforms – making content easy to share.


This is one of the most used online store builders today. Shopify allows users to select their storefront theme. They have more than one hundred attractive shopping site templates and many of them are created by famous designers including Happy Cog and the Pixel Union. One of the best things about Shopify is that almost every element of a website created with the help of this platform is customizable. There is a useful editor that allows users to preview any change before implementing it.

3. Highwire

Highwire is another popular online store builder. With its help, you can manage the online store design in an interactive way. Thanks to Highwire, users can create a custom site from scratch. They can also customize and edit premade templates and use the right away. In addition, many people use Highwire to improve their existing online stores. Highwire has proven to be an excellent option for both beginners and professionals in this field. Keep in mind that this website builder has many helpful marketing tools too.

4. Wazala

Those interested in simple online store builders should check Wazala. It comes with an optimized administrator panel and a wide range of customization features that let users make sites without any coding. Even though we are talking about a builder that allows you to use drag and drop options, it can still help you make advanced eCommerce store that has a powerful and efficient shopping cart, promo code creator, efficient gallery, different payment gateways and more. Remember that this is not a free online store builder, but with a small investment, you can rest assured that you will come up with a great website.

5. Bigcommerce

There are situations when people are launching businesses that are part of highly competitive niches. This is where Bigcommerce comes into play. This online store builder can help you optimize your store and make it attractive for both visitors and popular search engines like Google and Bing. Big commerce is known for the great SEO features – it allows people to customize any URL, use adequate keywords, meta tags, meta descriptions and more. Of course, besides these SEO features, Bigcommerce comes with many other helpful features. For instance, you can use different marketing tools including intuitive social media buttons, generate discount codes, newsletters etc. You won’t make a mistake if you choose any of these five amazing online store builders.